Consultant in General Radiology with an interest in Breast Radiology required for an important HSE hospital in the South-East of the country

HSE Hospital in the South-East of Ireland | 20-03-2019

The hospital is part of the South-South West Hospital Group. The Radiology Department provides a comprehensive general and specialised Diagnostic Imaging Service in a digital environment, for the Waterford catchment area and a specialised Regional Radiology Service for the South Eastern (SE) population of over 520,000 covering the counties of Waterford, Wexford, Sth Tipperary, Kilkenny and Carlow. The hospital is a national cancer centre. All breast, prostate, colorectal, lung, head & neck and skin cancer work for the South East region occurs in the hospital.  Adult and Paediatric imaging is provided across a wide range of specialties. The department provides a 24hr, seven day week service.

The hospital is one of the eight cancer centres designated by the National Cancer Control Plan (NCCP) providing rapid access assessment for Breast, Lung, Prostate, colorectal and skin Cancers. Along with general radiology and 24/7 emergency medicine service (over 50,000 ED attendances in 2015), the radiology team also provides a regional trauma service including a 24/7 regional trauma orthopaedic service, to the largest orthopaedic service in the country.

Radiology Specialty services include Ultrasound, Mammography, CT, MRI, Dexa-scanning, Fluoroscopy, Interventional Radiology, Cardiac Catheterisation Lab, Radio-isotope Imaging. There are currently 8 consultant Radiologist Posts at the hospital and 8 SpR posts.

  • Initial contract would be long term for at least a year.
  • Approximate net monthly salary of 6500-7500€ net/month after tax and pension deductions for Consultant positions. Could have the possibility to earn more money through private patients attending the hospital. Typical long term Consultants in Ireland are earning in excess of 10.000€ net/month (approximately 200.000€ gross/year).
  • 31 working days per Year holidays for Consultants+ public holidays (there is 9 in a year).
  • 7 study days leave per year to attend conferences or further education for Consultants.
  • Up to 3000€ for educational funding for Consultants.
  • Lucrative pension scheme included.
Requirements and Qualifications:
  1. Should be a Specialist in Radiology inside the European Union with an interest in Breast Radiology. Will need to get registered with the Irish Medical Council on the Specialist Registrar for Radiology IF THIS HAS NOT YET BEEN DONE but we can help you with that if not yet registered. Please take into account that the process can take up to 3 months in total.
  2. 1 Year post CCST in Radiology experience in Breast Radiology. Candidate must be able to do Breast intervention and Breast MR. 
  3. Have a very good command of written and spoken English. 
  4. Good motivation to go to Ireland to work as a doctor as from June-July 2019.
Purpose of the Post:
To work with the existing Radiologists and two Breast Radiologists to provide quality, timely, efficient Breast Radiology Service to the catchment population of the South East Region. This post is required in order to ensure that the existing service demand in respect of the catchment area of the South East is met by the Radiology Services for the population of the south east.

The Radiology Service for the population of the South East is serves a population of circa 500,000

All candidates who are interested should send a detailed CV in English ASAP to the following e-mail address:
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Extra and more precise information on the job place will be given once we receive the CV.

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